February 6

Morning everyone.  Does anyone have a hangover from watching the super bowl last evening?  Boy was that a game.  I was really cheering on the Falcons, but knew that the Patriots had it in them to make a comeback.  Boy did they.

My bible study group meets again this week.  I am excited to go.

I was able to really focus on weaving this week.  The project is on the loom and is being woven.  I am thinking about doing one towel, cutting it off and retying the remaining warp.  I really want to see if I can safely embroider on them.  That is the main purpose of making the towels.  Here are pictures of the progress.



The yarn is first threaded through the reed.



then the heddles (these and the order you push the treadles) is how the design is created.


After going through the heddles, the yarn is tied on the back of the loom.




All the yarn that I measured out and was on the front of the loom is then ‘rolled on’ to the back. Some people use ‘sticks’ to separate the layers that are formed when rolling.  The layers need to be separated so they do not tangle.  I am using a roll of painters paper.  It is a heavy paper that they lay on the floor so paint does not drip onto it.


This is the front of the loom now.  The ends of the yarn are tied on.


I have started weaving now.  If you notice the ‘holes’, that is where I have actually hand sewn a hem stitch so when it is taken off the loom, it does not unravel.  This is done at the beginning and end of each towel.

May you have a Spirit Led week.


PS, if you have any questions or comments on this or any of my blogs, please do so below.



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