Monday, January 23 2017

Morning everyone.  I pray you had a wonderful week.  Did you do any crafting?  I would like to hear about it.

I was going to show you this week the start of my weaving project.  Sorry, that is not going to happen this week.  To get to my loom, I had to clean the studio.  It was a horrible mess.  I got a good start on finding the room last week.  It is so hard to have several crafts using many different supplies.  The fact is, I sew (quilt) in our dining room.  The studio is for embroidery and weaving.  The loom takes up most of the room and I have to work around it.  I am still looking for proper storage for much of my embroidery supplies.

I will be starting my weaving project this week.  I have started preparing the loom shafts for the towels.  This entails making sure you have the correct amount of heddles on the shafts to thread the weaving yarn through to make the design.  Warping the yarn is the next step.  Measuring out how much yarn for each heddle for length and amount of yarn to get the width of the project.  In this project I will need 320 ‘warp’ yarns about 5 yards long each.  With the 5 yards, I should be able to make several projects in one set up.

Today I will be making a reversible tote for a Bible study I will be attending soon.  I will need to carry my bible, journal, and pens.  I am really excited about this study.

May you have a Spirit Led week.


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