Coming soon

I will be opening a ETSY store in the near future.  To start, it will only have embroidery items.  Probably near Thanksgiving I will have gift tags and gift card (cash) holders.

Next year will come various size totes and bags.

When I get the store set up, I will post the direct URL here.


2 thoughts on “Coming soon”

  1. Carol congratulation your blog, it is something that I have been wanting to do for a while. Also thinking of opening a Etsy store but have to find out more about it.


    1. Ally, I do not know how successful my Esty will be, but it is worth a try. It is fairly easy to get set up. And it only costs per design (item style) $0.20 per picture on set up (I paid for the main pic, then the others that are shown with it were free!) Like the picture of the cross bookmark was .20 and the other pictures with it were no charge. The picture of the gift card envelope was .20, but the other pics were free.

      Then only $0.20 a month to keep site up. Not bad. They take care of the collection of funds for a sale, postage, taxes, etc., then put it in your account so no one else has access to your banking info. They bill on the first day of the month.


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